20+ R&B and Rap Wedding Songs

20+ R&B and Rap Wedding Songs - IG

As a Bride-To-Be for the last year, I can tell you that planning a wedding is all about decision-making.  Here I am with a list of my favorite R&B (and Rap) songs, trying to figure out the soundtrack for my 2017 wedding.

At twenty-eight something, I’m at the age now where a lot of my friends are getting married.  Just this Summer alone I attended three weddings and was Maid of Honor in another.  Even given all that wedding experience, I never thought about how many songs are included in a wedding ceremony and reception.

It’s Decision Time

What will the parents walk down to?  Which song will the Bridesmaids walk down to?  Whose love song will play as I walk down the ailse (Sorry, but I’m not a fan of Here Comes the  Bride dun dun dah dun)?  Then there’s the reception: Wedding party entrance?  Daddy daughter dance?  First dance?

In my phone notes, I’ve been keeping a running list of the songs that I we may consider for my our wedding.  But I still have to decide where and when the songs will fit in during the night.  In no particular order, here are the Top 20+ Songs for my 2017 Wedding:

20+ R&B and Rap Weddings Songs

I know.  I know.  It’s an awkward group of songs, right?  You can tell from the list that I like throwbacks and today’s R&B, but I still want to keep it hood.

Follow the Spotify playlist I created of the 20+ songs.  I will definitely add to the playlist as I think of more songs that must be played during my wedding ceremony and reception.

20+ R&B and Rap Wedding Songs

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