Super Simple Save The Dates in 3 Easy Steps

I am determined to not let my wedding break me or my wallet.  Cutting Save The Dates from the budget completely would have been ideal, but in our case they are necessary because: (1) The majority of guests will be visiting from out of town, and (2) the wedding will take place on a holiday weekend.  To cut costs, I created our Save The Dates as a DIY project in only 3 simple steps.

Charm And Gold Magnetic Save The Dates DIY Tutorial

DIY Magnetic Save The Dates

One random afternoon, I grabbed my little sis and my fiancée and we took a trip Downtown.  My sister was equipped with our mama’s Cannon (nothing special, just an old Christmas gift) while the  fiancée and I spent the day posing in different spots inside the Belt Alley and the Z Garage.

Out of the hundreds we took, I chose the picture on the left.  After some quick and dirty editing-by-Android, we ended up with our official Save The Date photo.

Charm And Gold Save The Date Before and After

(A few personal details are hidden under the gray bars, but the design of the Save The Date is still there.  The photo is zoomed, the colors are brighter, and the text was added.  Fiancée isn’t ready to make his Charm And Gold debut just yet)


  • The photos – I ordered 150 glossy prints on cardstock from a local print shop.  Supporting a small business ✔.  Keeping costs low ✔.
  • Magnetic adhesive sheet – I used a few 12×24 sheets, but I’ve seen these in a lot of different sizes.  Choose which size will work best for the shape of your Save The Date design.
  • Rotary cutter – This has been the one tool that I use for almost all of my DIY projects.  It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself after a few projects.
  • Pen or pencil

The Process

Charm And Gold Magnetic Save The Dates DIY Tutorial - Pin


1. Trace the shape of your photo card.  I placed the photo card on the peel side of the magnet sheet (not the side with the magnet itself), and traced around the edge.  Repeat this step until the magnet sheet is fully utilized.  My photos cards are 4×6, so I can easily get 12 Save The Dates out of one 12×24 magnet sheet.

2. Cut out your magnet backing.  I used the rotary cutter along the lines to cut out 12 4×6 magnet sheets.  I find the rotary cutter so easy to work with. It only requires one hand (lefties and righties unite!), and the lines come out smooth and straight. If you don’t have a rotary cutter, scissors would work fine for this step. But seriously, invest in a rotary cutter!

3. Stick your photo to the magnet.  Remove the paper peel from each magnet sheet to expose the adhesive.  Carefully place the photo card (photo side facing up) onto the adhesive.  Press firmly, aligning the edges as closely as possible.

The Save The Dates are now ‘fridge’ ready!

They will look so professional that your family and friends will have a hard time believing it was a DIY project.

Charm And Gold Magnetic Save The Dates DIY Tutorial

A quick note: some of my photo cards weren’t exactly 4×6.  Human error at the print shop I suppose.  For those that were misaligned, I took the rotary cutter along the edge to remove any extra magnet that showed from behind the photo card.

Q: How did you save money with DIY Save The Dates?  Let me know and share your tips in the comments below.

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