Meet Goldy

My name is Goldy. I’m a twenty-something city girl in the Detroit area. During the day, I work in the commercial loan industry for a mid-size bank. And at night, I’m all about planning my wedding, retail therapy, and QT with family.

Fast Facts:

  • I own way more lipsticks than I will ever get to use up
  • To me, the egg roll is the meal
  • As long as Shonda keeps Greys Anatomy going, my Thursdays are booked

So you see, I’m no one special, but I’m getting there.

All About Charm And Gold

Charm and Gold is the pretty little placeholder for my thoughts, ideas, tips, and rants.  In time, this blog of mine may become a bit more specific.  But for now, we’ll call Charm and Gold a catch-all for everything that comes to my mind.

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